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I have an extensive knowledge of building, drawing and design.  Whatever you are dreaming of, chances are I can bring it to life.  I specialize in Complete Bathroom and Kitchen design, Solid Exotic Wooden Gates, Fountains, Flooring, Furniture and just about any custom design element in or around the home.  I offer hand-drawn elevations of any areas that you may be having trouble visualizing.

Custom Furniture

  I have a large inventory of reclaimed lumber that can be turned into custom furniture pieces.  The shelving and coffee table pictured here are examples of finished products.  I can ship worldwide.

Drawing & Design


I guess I'm a bit "old school" in that I still use a Vemco drafting machine and hand draw all of my projects with pencil and paper.  I believe the "ART" starts with the design.  I do offer help in choosing colors and materials as well as designing custom elements.  I am often asked by my clients if they can purchase the original drawings from their project.  Digital copies are available at no charge and the originals are offered for a small fee.

Kitchen Detail I.jpg
Natural Stone, Tile and Cast Concrete


I have over 35 years experience working with natural stone, tile and pre-cast concrete.  There is something truly incredible about rock.  From showers, counters, flooring, facades and water features, there is almost nothing that can't be made from stone.  It is the oldest building material known to man.  I don't think that it's going away anytime soon!

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